Geneva Time Exhibition 2013


The Geneva Time Exhibition (4th Edition) took place between the 20th and the 24th of January 2013. It was a great success.

s_GENEVA-TIME-EXHIBITION-2013-1Our participation exceeded all expectations. Among other visitors we welcomed some distributors of major countries, as well as members of the press, who were drawn in by our watch collections. The former had the opportunity to see and feel the collections up close and asked to distribute our products in the countries. The latter showed interest in our 111th anniversary limited edition special model.

This protagonist is a new Venus automatic model equipped with our caliber with power reserve movement and is part of the CLASSICO collection.

The watch attracted well-deserved admiration from the trade and the press; many expressed their enthusiasm about its design and quality. This high-end timepiece is being praised as the ultimate embodiment of state-of-the art technology and unique design.